French or Spanish for Trades and Professions

Strengthen your specialized vocabulary, your credibility and your professional communication skills.

  • Acquire precise language skills: this training course is available for more than
    100 trades and professions.
  • Practical training that is tailored to your level and very specific needs.
  • Expert training for employees and managers in more than 250 different jobs.

Reliable training for real, operational skills

Médialangues strives to provide reliable training for the professional world, guaranteeing real, operational skills at any given level.

Over the last 20 years, Médialangues has developed its expertise through thousands of training hours with managers and employees and conducting field surveys. We have worked with companies of all sizes and from all economic sectors.

In several domains, Médialangues has carefully documented, for each position and activity, the different potential situations involving employees and managers, their various potential tasks and the vocabulary that they may need to use or understand in French or Spanish. After thousands of hours of training and investigation, we developed our professional training courses.

These courses combine the language of general communication and the specialized language particular to your work.

Our goal at Médialangues is to offer you the training you need to develop your French or Spanish skills and allow you to use these skills in a situation that is as close as possible to your work environment. Médialangues does not aim to give you an encyclopedic vocabulary. Instead, you will develop operational skills in French or Spanish that reflect, as closely as possible, your professional needs.

The complete selection of languages for the trades and professions: