Our Teachers' Expertise

Quality teachers, Quality Students - Truly a Win-Win Relationship

Médialangues' teachers do not freelance. They are higher education graduates selected from strict criteria for their teaching skills and trained with the Médialangues Method. Some of our teachers have more than 10,000 hours of teaching experience with senior managers from all business sectors.

Because your teacher should be able to optimize his or her teaching, to take various factors into account from the start and use differentiated instruction that is conducive to your progress.

Because your teacher must, in addition to your specific needs, consider your educational achievements, your own learning profile, your motivation to learn, and your current ways of communication and expression, etc.

Our teachers work on key learning factors such as trust, long-term reinforcement and motivation of their students. Their passion, dynamism, and communication skills are assets that are continually mobilized for the benefit of their students so that they obtain concrete results.

Studies confirm that motivation is as important a success factor as intelligence in training adults. Our teachers take into account the motivation factor. Our teachers' enthusiasm and motivation definitely have a contagious effect on their students' progress at all levels.


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