Executive immersion

Have an immersion week, just you and your teacher, from breakfast to supper.

  • An immersion designed for executive's demanding needs to improve their French or Spanish quickly.
  • Jolt fluency and confidence to get rid of any apprehensions when speaking a second language.
  • ImmergeMD adapts to your needs. Whether you want to improve your French or Spanish for meetings or negotiations, or simply to improve your general French or Spanish to socialize with your potential customers, clients and other professionals, a unique training course will be developed for you.

Keywords: Practice and Integration

How the course unfolds

Each of Médialangues' integrated immersions uses a variety of exercises that focuses on verbal expressions and comprehensions and encourages active participation: role-playing, public speaking, semi-structured conversations on selected topics during mealtimes, dialogues, professional scenarios, social activities, visits, the use of news articles and presentations, etc. There are numerous opportunities to effectively use the language with the help of an experienced teacher who gradually introduces new structures, functions and lexicon.


After a complete assessment of your language skills in the target language, Médialangues will devise a unique program based on your profile and your needs. The program will include a variety of activities to provide you with optimal motivation and progress.

Pedagogical continuity

The month following the immersion week, telephone courses and educational tools complement the training, and help accelerate the integration process and develop autonomy.




Enjoy an intensive week in
English in Canada or the United States.

  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Miami


Enjoy an intensive week in French in Canada.

  • Montréal
  • Québec


Enjoy an intensive week in Spanish in Cuba, Mexico or Spain.

  • Havana
  • Varadero
  • Mexico
  • Cancun
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid


Enjoy an intensive week in Portuguese in Brazil.

  • Sao Paolo
  • Porto Alegre

A satisfied client's testimonial

Madame Brigitte Dupuis, M. Sc., D.E.S.S., Adm. a
I recently completed the executive immersion with my private Médialangues instructor. The immersion program was designed to meet my highly specialized business needs. The activities excellently balanced theory, practice and social activities. These, along with the professionalism of my highly qualified private instructor, allowed me to greatly improve my spoken English.
This immersion helped me consolidate what I learned and naturally increase my confidence during presentations or operations in English. I recommend Médialangues's executive immersion program without any hesitation. Thank you to the Médialangues team!

Madame Brigitte Dupuis, M. Sc., D.E.S.S., Adm. a, Vice President and General Manager Caisses de groupes, Réseau des caisses, Mouvement Desjardins

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