Our values


In 1996, Médialangues introduced an innovative method for learning and perfecting a language. The Médialangues methodology is quite different from traditional teaching methods, and methods that advocate on-line learning.

Médialangues continually seeks to innovate, to improve teaching quality and facilitate student learning.


Médialangues chose an innovative and creative approach for a more flexible, natural and efficient learning. Médialangues continually looks for solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of its students.


The commitment to excellence guides all Médialangues activities including the selection of its teachers, educational material, teaching quality, student support and customer service.


Médialangues' agility is a strong value that is shown in the adaptability and speed of our teams.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our activities. Médialangues is always listening to its students by adapting courses to everyone's specific needs. Our frequent satisfaction surveys and renewal rates confirm it.


The ease of doing business with Médialangues is reflected in all its activities, both in the speed of customer service and its flexible approach, student support throughout the course, assessment and attendance reports, the variety of educational material and payment plans.

Sustainable Development and Social Commitment

As a responsible company, Médialangues also seeks to respect the environment through its services. Our service Offer effectively reduces the environmental impact by saving over 630,000 kilos in CO2 per year per teacher. Since its creation in 1996, Médialangues has saved over 12,600,000 kilos in CO2 per teacher. Médialangues has annually donated to various foundations every year.