Private telephone course

To speak a language, you have to practise often.



To develop your verbal skills using a method that produces more concrete results than traditional or online courses.

Private telephone course

Make your french or
spanish more dynamic

To speak a language, you need to practise often

  • Your command of a language depends on how often you practise.
  • The latest neuroeducational findings confirm this: Shorter but more often
  • Short practice sessions that occur almost daily, with an experienced teacher are more effective than a two-hour training session once a week.
  • The more you practise a language, the quicker you develop language automatisms and the faster you will speak.

Boost your verbal comprehension

Speak and strengthen your french or spanish

  • Using French or Spanish mental exercises that take place almost daily over the phone.
  • Semi-structured course that provides real-time business simulations.
  • Rapidly improve your pronunciation with a qualified teacher.

To speak is to remember

Courses that solicit and progressively structure your direct participation in the language, enabling natural and effective memorization.

Do you really want to speak a new language?

Choose our private telephone courses.

Nathalie Borduas

Nathalie Borduas,

HR and Health and Safety Coordinator

Jeld-Wen inc.

I recommend Médialangues without hesitation. I can grow and learn at my own pace and according to my availabilities. The instructors are competent, dynamic and motivating. I really like the fact that the courses are focused on my specific needs and according to my learning style. I now get along easily in English and I'm proud! Thank you to the Médialangues team and my instructor!

Francis Vaillancourt

Francis Vaillancourt,


Majella Vaillancourt

As a business owner, I resorted to Médialangues for their services. I was truly delighted because the experience was extremely enriching. I appreciated the way they modified my course to fit into my busy schedule. Also, my teacher was competent, professional and very understanding!

Anik Girard

Anik Girard,

General Manager

Groupe Constructo / div. TC Média

Speaking English almost every day can only be beneficial. I can easily integrate these calls into my schedule at a convenient time and place, which is extremely important when one has a very busy schedule. Furthermore, I can make continual progress thanks to a pleasant and exceptional teacher."