Sustainable Development and Social Commitment

Réduction de CO2 pour 20 ans

Since its inception, Médialangues has respectfully conducted its activities by always behaving in and contributing to the public interest responsibly.

Médialangues initiated a sustainable development process from its beginning in 1996. At Médialangues, the creation of wealth is done without compromising current and future environmental questions. For the past 20 years, Médialangues has greatly contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other substances affecting the ozone layer by offering language courses by phone to thousands of entrepreneurs, managers, executives and employees throughout Quebec.

Cars are responsible for the emission of air pollutants that seriously undermine public health and are contributing to climate change.

Transportation accounts for more than 40% of GHG emissions in Quebec (source: the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change) and 50% in Montréal (source: City of Montréal), in addition to greatly contributing to smog and the deterioration of air quality.

CO2 reduction per year per teacher:
700 hours x 900 kilos of CO2= 630,000 kilos of CO2
CO2 reduction over 20 years by a Médialangues teacher:
630,000 kilos of CO2 x 20 years = 12,600,000 kilos of CO2

In fact, 1 kilo of C02 is emitted every 4 seconds by European cars; therefore, 1 hour in a car emits the equivalent of 900 kilos of CO2. If we calculate a Médialangues teacher who works 1,800 hours per year, it represents about 700 travel hours per year.

Médialangues donates annually to various foundations.