There is noT ONE siNGle method FOR learning.



Are you still unable to speak French or Spanish easily despite going to several classes? Do you read French or Spanish more than you can speak it?

This summarizes the problem with traditional teaching methods: first, you learn to read and write; the writing process is meant to consolidate what you learn orally; whereas the Médialangues methodology is quite different from traditional teaching methods, and methods that advocate on-line learning.

To finally speak quickly, opt for Médialangues' synergistically effective method. It is perfectly integrated around several pedagogical axes and has been proven as the winning method since 1996 among big businesses in meeting clients' specific needs.

Médialangues offers a different and personalised teaching method that will quickly develop your unique professional capabilities in a given language. The Médialangues methodology is communicative, interactive and global. It focuses on:

Three-Step ApproachTM

Three-Step ApproachMD that replicates as closely as possible the mother tongue learning process.


New studies in neuroeducation reveal two very important points: in a classroom environment, the brain is less focused after the first twenty minutes. Better results can be obtained by opting for short sessions, but more frequent ones. Each class offered by Médialangues respects the learning pace of the brain.

Personalised Teaching

A highly personalised approach will allow us to determine your needs and your restrictions, in order to provide you with training possibilities adapted to your professional situation and to your learning profile.

Quality-Performance Approach

A unique quality-performance approach makes each and every learning step an important one.

Spiral Approach

A spiral learning approach is a complimentary one that chains different techniques by a common thread. Previous lessons taught are not isolated but are carried-onto new lessons to reactivate learned material thus, the spiral approach.