I'm a client of l'Institut Médialangues International inc. and I'm very satisfied with the services received for English classes. The format used for the English conversation program suits me perfectly. I recognize my teacher's professionalism and wouldn't hesitate recommending your company to my colleagues.

André Chatelain, MBA, Executive Vice-President Services aux particuliers et Marketing Mouvement Desjardins

André Chatelain, MBA
Médialangues knew how to face my challenges! My English improved taking into consideration my professional constraints and obligations. I required flexibility and efficiency. Also, my development needs, whether it was the acquisition of vocabulary, verbal communication or pronunciation, were always taken into account and particularly transferable to my work environment. My English has greatly improved and I proudly thank my professor who always engaged in interesting conversations. It's a winning method!

Josée Graveline, CRIA, Director of Human Resources Produits Forestiers Résolu, Division Baie-Comeau

Josée Graveline, CRIA
With Médialangues, we were able to improve our English quickly and effectively. Their technique and flexibility allowed me to attend my courses while respecting my professional constraints. All of my coworkers who are enrolled in this course feel the same way. Communicating with our English-speaking customers is constantly getting easier and, therefore, more profitable. Thank you Médialangues!

Sylvain Bernard, General Manager OSI Précision

Sylvain Bernard
I live in an almost entirely francophone area where it's difficult to increase our level of English. It's thanks to the telephone calls from an interesting and cultivated professional with whom I can almost daily contact that I can continue to grow and perfect my English. I enjoy discussing current events and anything related to my role as President, my customers, contracts and work team management.

Claircy Proulx, President and General Manager STI Maintenance

Claircy Proulx
I recommend Médialangues without hesitation. I can grow and learn at my own pace and according to my availabilities. The instructors are competent, dynamic and motivating. I really like the fact that the courses are focused on my specific needs and according to my learning style. I now get along easily in English and I'm proud! Thank you to the Médialangues team and my instructor!

Nathalie Borduas, HR and Health and Safety Coordinator Jeld-Wen inc.

Nathalie Borduas
I recently completed the executive immersion with my private Médialangues instructor. The immersion program was designed to meet my highly specialized business needs. The activities excellently balanced theory, practice and social activities. These, along with the professionalism of my highly qualified private instructor, allowed me to greatly improve my spoken English. This immersion helped me consolidate what I learned and naturally increase my confidence during presentations or operations in English. I recommend Médialangues's executive immersion program without any hesitation. Thank you to the Médialangues team!

Madame Brigitte Dupuis, M. Sc., D.E.S.S., Adm. a, Vice President and General Manager Caisses de groupes, Réseau des caisses, Mouvement Desjardins

Madame Brigitte Dupuis, M. Sc., D.E.S.S., Adm. a
Speaking English almost every day can only be beneficial. I can easily integrate these calls into my schedule at a convenient time and place, which is extremely important when one has a very busy schedule. Furthermore, I can make continual progress thanks to a pleasant and exceptional teacher.

Anik Girard, General Manager Groupe Constructo / div. TC Média

Anik Girard
After organizational changes 2 years ago, meetings and discussions in English became less frequent. I therefore lost an opportunity to maintain my skills in English. When we had meetings, I felt I needed greater exposure to enrich my vocabulary to understand and express myself better. Médialangues fulfilled this need very well. The daily telephone sessions have allowed me to revise written documents, presentations, receive educational content and have regular daily discussions...all completely in English. In short, this training has met my expectations!

Alain Perron CPA, General Manager Tembec - Usine Abitibi-Ouest

Alain Perron CPA
As a businessman in construction, English has been a steep disadvantage for me. At times, I have to read specs and codes, and communicate in English. Attending a group English class twice a week did not suit me at all. Learning and conversing in English from home on the telephone with a private, professional teacher who was both competent and enthusiastic, for 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week, was the miracle solution that Medialangues offered me. At the age of 58 with beginner-level knowledge, I began learning English. Today, I have overcome the fear of communicating in English. Now, I can get more out of my travels too.

Serge Lajoie, President Monsieur le plombier inc.

Serge Lajoie
I strongly recommend Médialangues. My course gave me concrete results. The instruction that my excellent teacher gave was tailored to my particular business needs. There was no need to travel, so no wasted time. I practised my English almost every day, developed new language automatism reflexes and improved my fluency. Médialangues has a winning formula for Human Resources Advisors.

Claude Gagnon, BAA, HR Advisor Bradken

Claude Gagnon, BAA